Texas Longhorn Beef


Texas Longhorn Beef is known for its superior flavor and exceptional nutritional benefits. Once Guy and Charlotte tried Texas longhorn beef they decided to transition from raising Angus to raising Longhorns. Double C Ranch is currently the only Registered Texas Longhorn Beef producer in Massachusetts. Texas Longhorn Cattle are usually processed between 24-36 months of age. The Longhorn cattle take longer to grow. Texas Longhorn cattle are also known to graze on other greens in addition to grass. Charlotte and Guy believe that this contributes to their unique flavor.
 Our farm fresh meat is available at
The Ranch by appointment ( call, text or fill out the contact form below) ) 
Sapowsky's farm stand in Granby, MA.,
On the menu at Grapevine Grille in Belchertown, MA.
On the menu at  Something Special located in Granby Ma. This is a great little gem of a restaurant serving breakfast and lunch with patio seating and locally sourced ingredients. 

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Price List

Send us an email to place an order ( use the form below ). Your order will be put together ASAP. Once complete you will be notified. You can pick it up from the ranch. Your order will be brought to your car when you arrive. If you prefer to text please include your name and text 413-519-3657.

We accept Cash, Credit or Venmo. 

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  ✪ Longhorn Beef  ✪

1/2 Pound Burgers (4 pack)  $15.
1/3 Pound burgers (4 pack) $11.00.
Ground Beef  $7.50
Shaved Beef  $12 lb.
Beef Short Ribs  $9 lb
Rib Eye Steak  $15 lb
Filet Mignon  $22 lb
New York Strip Steak  $15 lb
Tomahawk Steak $24 lb
 *Crossed off if sold out 


Sirloin Steak  $13.lb
Eye Round Roast  $11.lb
Beef Bones  $4.pack
Stew Beef  $7.50lb
Liver  $3 lb
Ox Tail $ 8 lb 
Marrow Bones $4. lb
Tongue $15.00 each 
Kabob Meat $9 lb 


* Crossed off if sold out 


✪  Pork  ✪

Pork Chops  $9 pack ( 2 Chops) 

Pork Tenderloin Roast  $11lb

Smoked Ham  $9 lb

Bacon $10 pack 

Ground Pork $7.50 Pack 

Hot Sausage $9 4 pack


Sweet Sausage $9 4 pack

Hot Sausage $9 4 pack

Breakfast Sausage $9 4 pack

Pork Fat Back $3 lb

Butt Roast $9 lb


✪  Packages  ✪

Ground Beef 6 Pack - Packaged in a gift box or bag with ribbon and a tag. This is a simple yet unique gift. A xix pack of 1 pound ground beef packs. $40.00 

Crock Pot Season - this package is great for the fall season, it includes 2- stew beef , 1 Top or bottom round ,1 chuck roast and 2 ground beef . $58.00

Big Breakfast - 1 dozen farm fresh eggs, 1 lb bacon , 1 lb breakfast sausage $23.00

Grilling time - 1 pack Sweet sausage, 1 pack hot sausage, 4 pack ½ pound burgers, 2 sirloin steaks or 2 NY Strip steak ( based on availability ) $63.00

Pork in a box - 2- thick cut smoked bacon , 4 pork chops, 1# Sweet sausage, 1#Hot Sausage $56.00

Six pack of spices- A full set of our spices to compliment farm fresh meats and veggies . Makes a great gift for the chef in our life. The set comes packaged in a craft box with a box and a blank name tag. $60.00 

Burgers and bacon-  2 packs of our ½ pound burgers paired with 2 pounds of farm fresh smoked , thick cut bacon and  a bottle of spices. We suggest The Farmers mix or  New England kick for those who like it on the spicy side. Comes packaged in a craft box with a bow and a blank gift tag .- $58.00 

Short Ribs and Chops - A great combination for the chef in your life. Short ribs are a chef's delight and our farm fresh chops are second to none.They can be smoked, fried, baked or cooked in ways only a chef can imagine. They make the most delightful or simplistic dinner. 3-4 lbs of short ribs and a 6 pack of  pork chops .Comes packaged in a craft box with a bow and a blank gift tag.  $63.00 

✪ Whole Cow  ✪

Whole cow - Available @ $5.00 per pound hanging weight (ranges approx, 500-600 pounds) . Price includes USDA packaging.
15-20 roasts including, Top round, bottom round, eye round, chuck roast.
15-25 Filet and strip steaks
10-22 Rib eye or Tomahawks or 2-4 Standing rib roasts
10-14 Sirloin Steaks , 2-4 flank steaks
2-4 Briskets, 10-20 short ribs, 20 stew beef, marrow bones
100-120 ground beef - Patties can be made at .50 cents per pound extra
Heart, liver, ox tail, tongue and soup bones when requested.
* Typically 10-12 boxes of beef.